Wen we moved to our flat it was comfy, but not as much as we want it to be. So i buy some plants , just to feel better. I was looking for the best pots I've ever seen, and i didn't find them... I was thinking how can i do it by myself. Boom! Idea! I can crochet some "sweaters" for my plant!

And i done it... And now i think it was the best thing what i could do! They are simple, but unical. 
And now people still asking me could i done it for them.

The next thing was empty wall in kitchen. I didn't knew what i want to do there. First thing was a shelf, but the walls are really thin and i was worried that it will be to heavy...
Couple days later i just order watercolours, paper and frames. That's what happened later night:

I'm more like Picasso, but its still mine art and its really nice for me!
How do you like it? :)